Our Story

Lactoboost” first started as “Lactation Cookies by Spice Carriage” in year 2020, after the birth of my little daughter. Underweight at birth, and gaining very little weight in her first month of life, it was clear that breastfeeding was going to be problematic.

Despite many antenatal programs, numerous books and articles and months and months of preparation, we were not prepared for this situation. With the tin of formula threateningly staring me in the face every time I walked past the kitchen, I did everything I could possibly think of. I double checked my hold and latch, hot compressed, cold compressed, ate all the right things (there were no lactation promoting food products in Sri Lanka at the time), tried prescription medication and pumped. After going through months of unrelenting hell with a breast pump, I conceded and formula won.

Later, I understood that formula-supplementation was a very normal thing and that I should have taken better care of myself and prioritized my own well-being. However, as a first time mother, I learned my lesson and Lactoboost as a company now strives to get that message through to each and every mother we come across. Our mantra is that mommy is priority number 1, and a happy mommy results in a happy and healthy baby. At the time of my struggle, lactation cookies or lactation promoting food products were unheard of in Sri Lanka.

Lactoboost was the first of its kind to make it to the Sri Lankan market and has been accepted with open arms by our Sri Lankan moms who believe in us, constantly encourage us and shower us with love.

We love our mommies dearly.

Lasni Silva


For all breastfeeding mothers across the world to have a positive and happy breastfeeding experience, and for all babies to have access to breast milk.


To provide a nutritious product that actively helps increase breastmilk supply naturally.


  • To become the go-to solution for breastfeeding moms.
  • To re-focus attention on mother's mental and physical wellbeing.
  • To create a brand that listens, encourages and supports mothers with challenges faced in early motherhood.

Our Team



MBA/ MSc. BEng Chemical Engineering

"Hi! I am Lasni Silva, mother of a two year old daughter, and we are expecting another little visitor soon!
I call Lactoboost my third baby because of the love, commitment and effort that I have poured into it and the pride I take in seeing it grow!"



BA Business Studies, Chartered - HRM

"Hi! I'm Ruwi Herath, mother to a beautiful baby girl who just entered toddlerhood. There is not a single day that I don't enjoy believing in this product, helping moms and making a difference.
My favourite part is creating meaningful related content for new and expectant mothers, besides the amazing reviews we receive on a daily basis"



"I am Megan and I work for Lactoboost as a production manager and it has been quite an interesting experience.
A passion for cooking has always been in my veins and being able to work for a company that makes Lactation cookies for mothers in need makes me happy and proud as well!"

Our Brand Ambassadors