Little Angels in Heaven (LAH)

Little Angels in Heaven (LAH)

Posted on  November 14, 2022

Little angels in heaven represent our little babies who left us way before their time. Some of them who left before we ever saw them, some who left just after birth and others who came home and left a few weeks or months later. 

Going back to the inspiration behind this idea, it all started with my experience with this one mother. This was in the middle of the fuel shortage and during the weekend of “Mama’s Day Out”, a customer called and said she had received the package extremely delayed, expired and cookies broken. This problem had been happening for an entire week with multiple customers, where the delivery company had held on to certain outstation packages for over a month as they didn’t have fuel to operate. We’ve discontinued service with that delivery company (so no such issues in the future! ). Getting back to the story, I reassured her that we would attend to her complaint and asked her to call me on Monday, as I was in the middle of the event. 

She called me on Monday and repeated the problem and I told her I will replace her pack. And since this happened due to a delivery issue, whether she would be coming to Colombo anytime soon so that we could handover the package to her. What she said next, left me dumbfounded. She said, “Anay miss, I don’t need the cookies anymore, I lost my baby.” 

She then told me what had happened, the baby had been in hospital for four months after birth due to complications, and as a result of the stress, her milk flow had reduced. That’s why she wanted the cookies. And we had failed her miserably. I started sobbing uncontrollably (I was 8 months pregnant at this point, so hormones raging too) and she was consoling me. She was an amazing lady, and what had happened to her was so unfair. 

So I wanted to do something for her, my husband and I, we discussed that we could go to see her in Kalutara but with my baby coming in a few weeks I didn’t have enough time. So two months post-baby, I reached out to her and asked her if she would like to do something charitable in the name of her baby, and she agreed at once. Then we talked about it and the more we did, the more I felt that there would be so many moms who would like to be a part of something like this. I have lost two babies in my first trimester. One before Sheni and one after her. I would have loved to do something for another child on behalf of the babies I’ve lost. 

What do you think we should do? Please comment and give us your suggestions, feedback or criticism!

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